I respectfully request your support in 2024 to keep moving Owensboro forward and maintain the positive momentum the city is experiencing.

We have seen expansion of small businesses throughout the community and many existing businesses (i.e. Bell Bank, Big Rivers, TTMA, Unifirst) are expanding and growing. Owensboro’s diverse and growing economy has received national attention for our affordable cost of living, growing housing market, and low unemployment rate. We have several exciting projects on track for completion this year and Owensboro is becoming even more attractive to young families and retirees.

Re-Elect Bob Glenn in 2024! – Keep Him Working Hard for Us!

  • Continue to Support Development in Triplett Twist, Northwest and River View Neighborhoods.
  • Promote a campaign to reduce the impact of litter and trash in our community.
  • Finalize plans for a new Owensboro Senior Center facility.
  • Expand programs to Address Homelessness.
  • Refine Programs to Reduce Gun Violence in Our Community
  • Continue Strengthening the Owensboro Neighborhood Alliance program.
  • Lobby For State and Regional projects that Improve Traffic Flow on Highway 54, Frederica, and Parrish Avenue.
  • Support the growth of Minority businesses.
  • Cultivate Training Opportunities to Encourage Job Growth and Worker Readiness.
  • Initiate construction of a Sportsplex to Draw Visitors and Athletes to Owensboro.
  • Endorse Expansion of Hotel and Residential Development Throughout the City.
  • Expand residential and retail business growth in West Owensboro.
  • Completion of the York Flood Control Project.
  • Reopen Cravens Pool with major upgrades.
  • Finalize plans for a Pickleball Facility near Ben Hawes Park.

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