About Bob

Bob Glenn and his family (Ethan, Caitlin, Holly, Bob, Katie, and Bobby) 

Bob Glenn is running for re-election to the Owensboro City Commission because he believes the community is in a strong fiscal and economic position. New businesses and jobs are coming to Owensboro (Bell Bank, Big Rivers Electric, and expansions are occurring at several existing facilities). The Community continues to win national recognition for it’s attractiveness to both young families, work from home professionals, and senior citizens. Under Bob’s leadership Cravens Pool is being upgraded (2024 opening), OPD’s Training Center has been substantially upgraded, and a new Fire Training Center will open soon. Major remodeling projects have been completed for OFD’s Parrish Avenue Station and upgrades are planned for Cravens and the 9th Street Fire Stations.  A new Downtown Sportsplex, a new Pickleball complex, and a much-needed York Area Flood control project are on track for development.

Bob has served five successful terms as a Commissioner (from 2012-2018 and 2020-24). In 2016, he was elected Mayor Pro Tem by earning the most votes among 10 challengers.  

During that time, the City of Owensboro added thousands of new jobs, won numerous national awards (All-American City status in 2013), and became a center for new growth, tourism, and convention events. The city also made major strides in completing major flood control and drainage projects, upgraded its City Parks with new equipment, an outdoor futsal/soccer facility, and the community’s first Dog Park.  As a Commissioner, Bob has now served three terms on the Chamber Board and as the Commission’s representative on the Small Business Development Committee, a task force organized to make Owensboro a more “Business Friendly” community.

Bob is a long-time resident of Owensboro and Daviess County. He is married to Holly, his guiding light for 34 years, with two adult children, Bobby (a Firefighter) and Caitlin (a Nurse).  He is an award-winning educator, Former Pastor at Bethlehem UMC, a certified High School sports official, and a tireless advocate for our community. Bob serves on several boards including the St. Benedicts Homeless Shelter, Imagination Library, Settle UMC Finance Board, and the United Way Assessment Team.

Bob believes Owensboro is moving in a positive direction. We need to complete plans for a new Senior Center, a Sportsplex, and take steps to address our employee retention issues (caused by the historic low unemployment rate and major changes to the State Pension plan), especially with Fire and Police and other City Departments (Public works, Sanitation, and Transit Drivers).  Overall, Owensboro is a great place to live, work, and raise a family and Bob will continue to work hard to make sure that never changes.